Hymns & Songs EP

by Brian Hehn

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I have been (poorly) writing hymns and sacred song for many years, and my wife finally convinced me to do a recording. This is the result! I hope someone somewhere finds a song or two personally moving and/or useful for use in a worship service.

Thanks to my wife, Eve Hehn, who both inspires me to write and who loves me enough to tell me both when something stinks and when something is worth keeping. Recording this album was my birthday present from her.

Also, a special thanks to the pianist on this album, Thiago Nascimento. He is not only a dear friend, but is also an amazing artist who brought my rather limited accompaniments to life. If you hear anything from the keyboard on this album that you thoroughly enjoy, that is due to the brilliance of Thiago, not my compositional prowess!


released March 8, 2017

Composer: Brian Hehn
Authors: John Thornburg, Delores Dufner, Brian Hehn
Vocals: Brian Hehn, Rebecca Garrett
Piano: Thiago Nascimento
Bass & Guitar: Joe Stobaugh
Flute: Rebecca Garrett
Percussion: Brian Hehn

Recorded and Mixed at Audio Dallas Recording Studios, Garland, TX
Engineer: Paul Osborn
Mastered by D.E.S. Mastering, Dallas, TX



all rights reserved


Brian Hehn Dallas, Texas

I am the Director of The Center for Congregational Song, which makes me a professional church musician and hymnologist. I am not, however, a professional hymn/song-writer! I compose for my own enjoyment and to feed my soul and never imagined actually putting something out into the world. I hope someone finds some love, inspiration, or usefulness for worship in something I've written. ... more

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Track Name: Within The Story
Who am I within the story?
Am I Gabriel, God to aid?
Do I bring God's word as angel?
Do I say, "Be not afraid?"

Who am I within the story?
Am I Mary, saying "yes?"
Do I carry Christ our savior?
Do I know that I am blessed?

Who am I within the story?
Am I Joseph, full of trust?
Do I see God through my dreaming?
Do I do what's right and just?

Who are we within the story?
Here's a question always near.
As the church and as Christ's body,
Are we born again this year?

We are born in God, Creator.
We are born in Christ, made new.
We are born in Holy Spirit,
Bringing justice into view.
Track Name: Tiny Wren
Tiny wren, in the tree,
sing your song, call to me,
I am lonely, I am weary,
I am pensive, wistful, teary.
Sing me, then, your song of mercy.
Sing it gently, let it linger;
be the voice of God for me.

Wondrous child, on my knee,
show your smile, coo to me,
How did I deserve to hold you?
Where will I find strength to mold you?
Sing me, then, of our tomorrow.
Sing it gently, let it linger;
be the hope of God for me.

Breath of God, flowing free,
blow my way, quicken me,
I am just an ember, waiting,
ready for your animating.
Sing me, then, your inspiration.
Sing it gently, let it linger;
be the wind that sets me free.
Track Name: I'm Falling (Peter's Prayer)
I see a figure walking on the water
I see my friends who shiver and they stutter

You tell us to take heart and not to worry
You call my bluff and tell me to start walking

I’m falling, please catch me
I’m falling, please catch me

My faith is strong compared to all the others
And yet I feel my feet sink into water

I’m falling, please catch me
I’m falling, please catch me

I’ve stepped out of the boat
I’m running toward you
I’ve stepped out of the boat
And now I’m scared I’ll fall

You take my hand and save me from drowning
The winds die down and now there is no doubting

I’m falling, you’ll catch me
I’m falling, you’ll catch me
I’m falling, you’ll catch me
I’m falling, you’ll catch me
Track Name: Maker of Galaxies
Maker of galaxies, stardust, and all that has being,
open the eyes of our hearts to know faith's way of seeing.
Shine through the night; lead us to radiance of light,
vision empow'ring and freeing.

Jesus, of Mary born, bringing the good news astounding,
open the ears of our hearts to your Gospel resounding.
Hearing your voice, let all the people rejoice,
glad in your blessings abounding.

Spirit of Jesus and mentor of saints through the ages,
open our lips with a word that invites and engages.
We will proclaim pardon and peace in Christ's name
through all of life, all its stages.

We are your fam'ly beloved in each generation,
Church on a pilgrimage, called to embrace transformation.
Called to this way, growing in love day by day,
we live now, Christ's new creation.

Praise for the joy of believing and journey amazing;
praise for the goodness and beauty here, ev'rywhere blazing!
Praise for the song, singing the faint-hearted strong;
praise for delight in the praising!
Track Name: Enduring Peace
Enduring peace
Within our home
and on our street
where neighbors talk
and children meet

Enduring peace
for trusted friend
for hated foe
the hard-to-love
or hard-to-know.

Enduring peace
in city square
and country lane
on craggy peak
and grassy plain.

Enduring peace
across the globe
from east to west
and in between
the world at rest.

Enduring peace...
the world at rest.
Track Name: To God Be The Glory
To God be the glory for bountiful grace,
for breath-taking wonders on earth and in space,
for dew on the meadows, for cool mountain air,
for moisture and freshness, the signs of God's care.

Sing your praise, Church of God, let the earth hear your voice!
Sing your praise, Church of God, may all people rejoice!
The life-giving freedom of God has arrived.
The future is open. Our God is alive!

To God be the glory for baptismal grace,
for water-marked people alive in this place,
for fountains of mercy which flow from above,
for fresh new beginnings, the signs of God's love.

To God be the glory for Pentecost grace,
for Spirit-led folk from soprano to bass,
for winds that convict us and call us to bless,
for hope-filled tomorrows, the signs of God's "YES."